Who Makes the Best Freeze Dried Food?

confused-personWhen it comes to the food that you eat, taste is always important. It does not matter if you are on a backpacking excursion or stuck in your home during a weather emergency, you need access to foods that provide nourishment, but also satisfy your taste buds. The best freeze dried food options should not be a pain to eat. There are a few brands that stand out from the rest and are recognized as the best freeze dried food companies in the industry. Now you can learn a little more about these brands and why consumers are singing their praises.

Looking for the right freeze dried apples or freeze dried beef can be a tricky process, but why not let the opinions of other consumers influence your opinion. This allows you to forget about the companies that produce low quality freeze dried foods and reach for the brands that are known for excellence. Eating some freeze dried foods can be a bit of an acquired taste, but there are 3 different companies that are putting freeze dried food back on the map and satisfying a variety of consumers.

What is Freeze Dried Food?

Before we dive right into the best freeze dried food brands, it is important to know some of the details that go into the freeze drying process. Freeze drying might seem complex, but it is quite straightforward and has been in existence for many years. In basic terms, it is the process of removing all moisture. It is similar to dehydration, but it does not affect the taste of the food in such an overpowering way. This process is achieved by freezing food and then putting it in a strong vacuum. This results in the water within the food sublimating and changing from ice into vapor.

Freeze dried fruits like freeze dried strawberries and freeze dried blueberries are extremely popular, but fruits are not the only foods that can be freeze dried. All different types of foods from freeze dried beef to freeze dried lasagna can be pretty tasty if you choose the right brand. Just like any other type of food the brand or company that you choose matters most when it comes to quality and taste.  This means that you have to be particular when looking for the best freeze dried food and stick to companies that have rave reviews from real customers.

Consumers Speak

The great thing about shopping for freeze dried food online, is that you have the ability to see what companies are most popular with other freeze dried food shoppers. It is easier than ever before to sift through reviews and get access to unbiased opinions on all different types of freeze dried food options. When looking through consumer advice there are three companies that stand out from the crowd. This means that when you are looking to buy anything from freeze dried ice cream to freeze dried corn, you should keep these three brands in mind.

The Leader in Freeze Dried Food

There is always one brand or company that stands out from the rest and is simply known to be the best. In the world of freeze dried food, this company is Mountain House. Mountain House has become the go-to company for backpackers who want great tasting food for the outdoors or consumers that are preparing for an emergency. Some people find Mountain House freeze dried foods so appealing that they eat them for a mid-week meal. No matter what your reasoning is for wanting freeze dried food, Mountain House is the high quality brand that consumers are enamored with.

The sheer amount of freeze dried food options is what helps this company to keep consumers satisfied. There really is something for everyone. When it comes to freeze dried foods there should still be options and Mountain House makes this a priority. Everything from vegetables to fruits and full meals are offered. Now you can stay fueled wherever you may be and still eat foods that taste great. The “just add water” meals are full of the nutrition that you need to stay energized. The best part is that taste is not compromised and Mountain House only produces freeze dried foods that taste great.

The Gold Standard

The customer reviews for Mountain House are what put this company ahead of the others. It is widely regarded as the gold standard in the freeze dried food industry due to both taste and meal preparation ease. These freeze dried foods are designed to be on-the-go and convenient to consumers. The only downside is that Mountain House is one of the more expensive freeze dried food brands on the market. But, as the old saying goes “You get what you pay for”.

You pay for quality and the best freeze dried food does come with a little bit higher price. However, no other company produces freeze dried beef stroganoff that tastes so great or freeze dried chili mac that entices your taste buds like Mountain House. The sheer amount of options and taste make Mountain House the consumer company of choice!

Freeze Dried Fruit from Nature’s All

freeze-dried-applesEven though Mountain House might be the leader in the freeze dried food industry, that doesn’t mean there is not room for Nature’s All. Nature’s All is known for great tasting and nourishing freeze dried fruits. If you are looking for freeze dried strawberries, there is no company that is on the same level as Nature’s All. This brand concentrates on producing freeze dried fruits that are of the highest quality and expertly packaged for the ease of consumption.

When you are getting ready to embark on a camping trip or need a freeze dried food for your emergency pack, you can always turn to Nature’s All for your freeze dried fruit needs. From apples to raspberries and mangos, you can satisfy your body in the most natural way with Nature’s All freeze dried fruits. Freeze dried corn and pumpkins are also products offered by this innovative company. A premium is put on taste and appearance, which is definitely noticed by consumers.

There is a reason why people are purchasing freeze dried fruit from this company in bundles. The glowing reviews online only substantiate the sales that Nature’s All has obtained in recent years. Natures All is one of the best freeze dried food companies and sticks to producing fruit products, which they are well-known for.

Last But Not Least

backpackers-pantryThe freeze dried food company that rounds out the top three is Backpacker’s Pantry. This is often times the go-to company for backpackers and campers that are looking for freeze dried foods. When you are hiking or out in the wilderness for days on end, your body needs nourishment to keep you going. Backpacker’s Pantry offers a wide selection of gourmet freeze dried meals that will satisfy your cravings and are still easy to pack. You can choose from freeze dried macaroni and cheese or freeze dried Pad Thai. There are so many different options to choose from that the possibilities seem endless.

Eating in nature can now be an amazing experience and you do not have to sacrifice taste. You can choose from freeze dried meals that are designed for breakfast, snacks or even dessert. All packages are small and lightweight, which makes them ideal for campers looking to keep their load light. All you have to do is add-water and you can be on your way to a fully satisfying meal that is a breeze to prepare. Consumers simply can’t get over the gourmet taste that has become synonymous with the Backpacker’s Pantry brand. Eating in an emergency or in the woods no longer means putting up with below average tasting food.

Gluten Free Freeze Dried

Consumers with allergies or specific eating habits can’t get enough of the gluten free freeze dried food that Backpacker’s Pantry produces. Hikers and campers with special diets can enjoy from a variety of gluten free products that are designed to be safe and nourishing. The most popular gluten free freeze dried foods are red beans, carrots, tomato flakes, curry, corn and garlic mashed potatoes.

Even those individuals with a special diet can obtain the nourishment they need in any situation. Backpacker’s Pantry concentrates on gourmet freeze dried food options and gluten free foods that taste great and are easy to pack for any type of emergency or outdoor excursion. The consumer reviews online clearly show that this company rounds out the top three and is one of the best freeze dried food brands in existence.

Why Take a Chance?

Emergencies are inevitable and your backpacking trip is a time of enjoyment and adventure. These types of situations are no time for the unknown. You need freeze dried foods that you can count on to taste great and offer the nourishment that you desperately need. The best freeze dried food companies make high quality products that are designed to fit your needs perfectly. This means that no matter what type of freeze dried foods you are looking for, you should be able to find options that are appealing.

By taking the advice of non-biased consumers, you have the ability to eat the best freeze dried food and skip all the low quality products that leave something to desire. When looking through the shopping habits and recommendations made by consumers online, there were 3 freeze dried food companies that stand out from the pack. Mountain House may be considered the gold standard, but Nature’s All and Backpacker’s Pantry are not far behind and have their own niche within the industry.

When you are camping, hiking, or caught in an emergency situation caused by hurricanes or other bad weather, you can have freeze dried food that tastes great – all thanks to these three companies that make high quality a priority!

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