Big Berkey Water Filter: 5 Reasons You Should Own One

big-berkey-water-filterThe Big Berkey Water Filter has been consistently ranked as one of the top water filtration systems by consumers, and with very good reason.  This premium-quality portable water filter is both attractive and effective, eliminating the harmful chemicals that are often found in municipal water and providing a reliable source of clean drinking water in case of an emergency situation.  In fact, with all of the benefits that come with owning a Berkey Water Filter, it’s easy to see why people the world over have come to count on these products to provide survival water purification during times of crisis.

While you may not ever need the Big Berkey to serve as your sole source of drinking water, there is comfort in the knowledge that it is made to deliver the cleanest and safest water possible, regardless of where it came from.  You can use this filter in the direst situation and still know that your drinking water is clean enough to drink, even when it is harvested from lakes, ponds and stagnant pools that appear to be hopeless.  Both durable and dependable, Berkey water filters have, over the years, become the water purification tool of choice for satisfied clients all over the world.

The Perfect Size

The Big Berkey Filter is ideal for serving from one to four people and it can be used just about anywhere.  Capable of filtering up to seven gallons of water per hour when outfitted with four Black Berkey Purification Elements, this clever invention is able to easily keep up with the water needs of even the thirstiest group.  Whether it’s sitting on your kitchen counter or setup outside your tent, this portable water filter will allow you to rest assured in the knowledge that the water that you and your family are consuming is safe, clean and free of toxins.

When the Big Berkey is fully assembled, it measures a solid 21” in height and it can store up to 2.1 gallons of water at a time.  Once you turn the upper canister over and slip it inside the lower tank however, the entire unit is only 13” tall and compact enough to go wherever you need it.  At only 8.5 lbs when empty, it’s clear that this model has been designed with function and portability in mind.  This versatility has made it one of the most useful water purification systems that you will find anywhere.


Built to Last

big-berkey-water-purifierThe gleaming stainless steel construction of the canisters ensures a long-lasting product that is easy to maintain and that will keep looking great for years to come.  The unit is made up of two chambers that can easily be nested together for smoother storage, leaving you with more room for your other important gear.  A sealed spigot makes for convenient pouring that is less likely to allow spillage and the lid for the top canister prevents evaporation and further contamination from outside elements.  The unit can either be placed directly on a flat surface or on top of a Berkey base, sold separately, for a finished look that is also very sturdy.

Best of all, each system comes with the standard Berkey lifetime warranty on the filter’s permanent components, just in case anything does ever go wrong with your system.  The company also provides its customers with helpful support for maintaining the filter throughout the duration of its work life.  These guarantees go a long way to keeping Berkey’s existing customers happy and it also explains why they keep coming back for all of their water purification needs.

Versatility is Key

Your new water filter arrives ready to assemble and start operating immediately with two Purification Elements included that can clean up to 3.5 gallons of water in an hour.  You can install up to four Purification Elements for faster results, or use the plugs that come with the system in order to close up the unused holes.  The plugs, a spigot, a lid and a rubber gasket base all come as standard issue with the Big Berkey water filtration system, so you’ll have everything that you need in order to start enjoying fresh water that tastes great and that is much better for you right away.

Unfortunately, not all water purification needs are so simple.  While the standard setup will purify your water and remove the most common contaminants, there are many people who require an even more thorough filtration method.  For those with concerns about the levels of fluoride and arsenic in their municipal water, PF-2 Fluoride and Arsenic filters are also available.  Up to four will fit into the Big Berkey’s lower tank and are capable of bringing these chemical levels down to negligible amounts.

Ideal for Camping

Anytime that you’re on the road, in fact, a Big Berkey system is your best bet for a reliable camping water purifier.  They can be broken down and reassembled in minutes, so there’s never a frustrating wait for water.

Because this system works entirely by gravity, you also won’t have to worry about finding power or providing enough water pressure to get it to work.  Simply pour your water through the upper canister and within seconds you can count on clean drinking water.  The Big Berkey is even capable of filtering untreated water from streams, lakes and ponds, leaving you with plenty of options for safely refilling your supply.


A Perfect Emergency Water Filter

Emergency response organizations have known for years that the best and most reliable company for delivering safe emergency drinking water is the Berkey name.  Their filters have been used in locations all over the world where the water standards and sources are questionable.

Even if you aren’t concerned about the health risks that can come with many of the chemicals which are routinely added to tap water, there’s no denying the danger of not being ready in the event of a catastrophe.  If your water supply becomes contaminated for more than just a couple of hours, an emergency water purification filter could wind up saving the day.  The American Red Cross points out in its emergency preparedness guide that:

“You and your family may be without water for days in the aftermath of a disaster.  The Red Cross recommends that each person store one gallon of water per day for at least three days.  The supply will provide water for drinking as well as limited cleaning and cooking.”

This guideline, bear in mind, refers to the minimum amount of clean water that you should have available during a time of crisis.  The Big Berkey’s standard setup can easily clean enough water for a family of four to have nearly twice that amount readily available to them in just a couple of hours.

The Big Berkey Water Filter is one of the finest water purification systems on the market today and it has the rave reviews of past customers to prove it.  With years of experience providing top-of-the-line personal water filtration systems, this company has shown they have what it takes to provide an efficient and effective method for making water clean enough to drink.  Purchase the Big Berkey Water Filter today and taste the difference for yourself!



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