Augason Farms: Emergency Food Rations That Taste Great!

Augason-FarmsWith the string of disasters that have occurred in recent times – Hurricane Charley, Rita, Ike, Katrina, Sandy just to name a few – we shouldn’t wait for the Apocalypse to happen before we learn about emergency preparedness and stock up on food supplies such as those that you can buy from Augason Farms.

 Augason’s Food Retain Taste and Flavor

Augason Farms have been in the food storage business since 1972. The big difference that the company has over other similar enterprises is the taste and flavor which characterize their food items. Most foods manufactured by emergency food storage providers leave consumers dissatisfied with the way the food actually tastes. Not Augason Farms products –they use ingredients that have been sourced from produce grown during different seasons, which are then put together by master blenders that result in bakery mixes, entrées, gravies, beverages, sauces and soups.

Their products have ingredients that have been “fine tuned” and created from scratch, a formula that has given their Augason Farms 12-day emergency food pail, for instance, delicious meals which can be mixed and matched.

It contains:
•  18 servings each of vegetable chicken soup, cheesy broccoli and rice, potato soup, and substituted beef of vegetarian meat,
•    60 servings of milk alternative,
•    27 servings of instant white rice, and several more categories with generous servings.
No MSG, trans fats or hydrogenated oils come with these food items, which are sealed with oxygen absorbers or flushed with nitrogen in pouches.


Food Quality Remains the Focus with Augason Farms

4-gal-emergency-pailIn these times of big conglomerates, Augason Farms have remained a family-run business that operates on quality, a fact that has kept membership club stores and huge retailers nationwide and locally-owned companies loyal to them.   Because their focus remains on the manufacture of quality survival food such as the Augason Farms 12-day emergency food pail, newcomers may be disappointed to find only a rather limited assortment of preparedness items available.

LuAnn |5-stars 4/11/2014
This was another great purchase we made.These pails not only save you money and space but they stack so easily that you can stack them in or out of the box they come in. This is an insurance policy everyone will wish they took care of. I would rather have it and never need it than need it and not have it.

However, consumers will be happy to know that they compensate for that with their Augason Farms emergency food storage kit packed for a year’s supply that’s enough to sustain an individual. These kits contain 30 different kinds of products each, sufficient to provide 1,100 calories daily for a year, such as entrée, bakery, breakfast items, snacks and desserts. For each kit, a person can have a total of 5,196 food servings throughout the year inclusive of 86 number 10 cans and a wheat grinder.

One of the Best Emergency Food Providers

The company recommends the usage of their products even in planning of daily meals. This particular food focus makes Augason Farms one of the best emergency food providers, disproving the notion that food storage is equivalent to just freeze-dried or dehydrated food that is under-flavored.

Their new 72 Hour 2-Person Emergency Kit is convenient for unforeseen circumstances, a kind of survival insurance that’s ideal to keep in the office, car, vacation cabin, beach cottage or gym locker. This particular emergency kit contains food items with a total of 13,430 calories for two individuals at 2,238 calories consumed per person. Good for three days, this new product from Augason Farms, with a 20-year shelf life, has a pouch of Orange Delight Drink Mix (24 servings), Creamy Potato Soup Mix (6 servings), Cheesy Broccoli Rice (6 servings), Dehydrated Apple Slices (6 servings), Pasta Alfredo (4 servings), Creamy Chicken Rice (7.5 servings), and Honey-Coated Banana Slices (6 servings).

The kit also contains two pouches of Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal for 20 servings and is inclusive of several survival items such as a portable folding survival stove, water filter bottle, a multi-functional camping tool, fuel disks, and waterproof matches, among other items.

Potable Water, Water Purification and Other Products

Second generation family ownership is led by Mark Augason, founder Phil Augason’s son. He’s been largely credited for the innovative introduction of more than just Augason Farms emergency food storage kit products. In addition to their consistently top-rated Augason Farms 12-day emergency food pail, their other quality products include the 4-pack Potable Germicidal Water Tablets, the 55-gallon Water Storage Kit, the 55 piece-Honey Bucket Sanitation Kit with accessories for use as a portable potty, and a 38-piece Emergency Kit for dogs as well as for cats which includes poop bags, feeding bowls, and water pouches.

Augason Farms’ response to demands by gluten-intolerant consumers is the creation of gluten-free products such as buttermilk pancakes, dried fruit, chocolate chip cookies, and bacon bits. And, in recognition of the fact that there is a wide market for their products from folks with smaller families, they have put out their “everyday” sized-cans which also serve the needs of those who prefer to use their products on a regular basis.

Emergency Food Storage – Don’t Wait for an Emergency

Having an Augason Farms emergency food storage kit is handy even when there is no emergency. Augason Farms even provide tips on food storage as well as emergency pointers and videos on YouTube to make preparedness part of your lifestyle.

These emergency preparedness guides can help you and your family to have specific survival supplies at the ready even before a disaster strikes. Because these emergency kits have considerably long shelf life, providing them for your community is ideal, especially if your area is prone to floods, hurricanes and tornadoes.

A Wide Range of Augason Farms Emergency Food Supply

There are several Augason Farms emergency food bucket varieties, each one designed for use within a certain period of time:

•    Basic: 4-gallon Emergency Food Supply pail is good for 12 days.

•   Deluxe: 4-gallon Emergency Food Supply pail sufficient for 12 days includes water filters and fire starter kit.

•   All-in-One: good for 30 days or one month for an individual, this pail is all of 6 gallons and can also serve as adequate food supply for a family of four.

•    72-Hour Emergency Kit: a 4-gallon pail for an individual’s food supply good for three days.

•    72-Hour Food Supply Kit: a 2 gallon-pail provision for two persons good for three days.

Newest Products in the Grizzly Ridge Line

The newest Augason products include the Grizzly Ridge line which includes:

•    Breakfast pail with 4 gallons of food items.

•    Lunch/Dinner pail with 4 gallons of food items.

•  Variety pail with 4 gallons of various food items such as hot cocoa mixes, pouches of stroganoff and Pasta Alfredo, granola with nuts, scrambled eggs, and imitation bacon bits.

•   Ultimate 72-Hour pail which is ideal for camping food as this supply bucket has 4 gallons of food items and includes 11 pieces of survival items and a bonus supply of food that’s good for two days.

More New Products

Augason Farms have more new products suitable even for your daily meals. These are:

•    Breakfast: Emergency Food Supply of 4 gallons

•    Lunch/Dinner: Emergency Food Supply of 4 gallons

•    Variety Pail: Emergency Food Supply of 4 gallons

•    Freeze Dried Fruit Variety Pack: A 6 gallon bucket inclusive of seven pouches that contain a total of 272 servings of delicious freeze dried strawberries, peaches, and bananas, freeze dried apples, a 16-serving mix of Apple Delight Drink, as well as freeze dried blueberries and raspberries.

•   Freeze Dried Vegetable Variety Pack: A 6 gallon bucket inclusive of seven pouches that contain 246 servings of scrumptious freeze dried sweet corn, peas, broccoli stems and florets, green beans, chopped onions, diced potatoes, and cauliflower.

What is Freeze Dried and Dehydrated Food?

Freeze dried food and dehydrated food are two different kinds of food preservation. The former is a flash freezing process involving the application of low level heat inside a vacuum chamber, extending the shelf life of food up to 25 years upon sealing in number 10 sized cans and/or “super pails.”

Food is freeze dried through a special process that removes up to 98% of the water content – which makes the food extremely lightweight and easy to handle and store. Freeze dried food items have quick re-hydration turn-around time of around five minutes, and retain much of their original shape, color and taste since the physical properties of the food are not altered during the freeze drying process.

For dehydrated foods, water is slowly “coaxed” out of food – such as whole powdered eggs, baking mixes, pasta, vegetables, quick cooking oats, fruits, and ready to eat noodles, powdered milk, and cereals — without necessarily cooking it. Augason Farms makes excellent dehydrated sliced potatoes and pancake mixes, among other food products.

Although dehydrated food often has a shorter span of shelf life (only between five and 15 years), it requires no refrigeration, only storage in airtight bags and containers; the dryer the food is, the longer its storage capacity. Avoid spoilage with dehydrated foods by storing them in the driest, humid free place as possible.

Canned Food Combo Packs

Augason Farms have a wide range of canned food combination packs or “combos” that are perfect to take on camping trips. Some of these combos include:

•    Breakfast Outdoor 3-Pack: Three cans institutional number 10-sized cans with a total of 92 servings of dried scrambled egg mix, 23 servings of (Super Nutty) granola, and 18 servings of freeze dried sliced strawberries.

•  Food Storage Breakfast 6-Pack: Six institutional number 10-sized cans with 380 total servings of buttermilk pancake mix with 21 servings, 36 servings of creamy wheat cereal, 21 servings of dehydrated potato shreds, 192 servings of bacon flavored vegetarian meat, 92 servings of dried scrambled egg mix, and 18 servings of freeze dried sliced strawberries.

•   Delight Drink Kit: Three institutional number 10-sized cans with 314 total servings of  orange drink mix of 99 servings, apple drink mix of 103 servings, and 112 servings of peach drink mix.

Deluxe Kits

Augason Farms offer two Deluxe Kits – Deluxe 4-Person One Year Kit and the basic Deluxe One Year Kit. Both kits contain a mouthwatering selection of their best selling food products, including some items which are not in the regular selections such as the chocolate fudge brownie mix, blueberry muffin mix, five kinds of beans (Pinto, lentils, baby lima, black turtle, and dark red kidney), honey cornbread muffin mix, buttermilk powder, butter powder, and almond poppy seed muffin mix.

Chloe |5-stars  04/27/2014
Really great variety. Lots of different options to choose from. Shipping was pretty fast, LOVE that shipping was pretty low cost on such a big order! Used some of the South West Chilli mix in with a chicken and rice recipe I was working on – tasted GREAT! beans hydrated nicely and great flavor.

The Deluxe One Year Kit even has a can of vegetable garden seeds which can produce more than 2,300 pounds of vegetables. This kit creates not only emergency food but “regular” meals of more than 8,540 servings that you can serve in a year. Like the Deluxe Kit for 4, this kit needs no refrigeration as long as any of its contents is unopened, and is easy and convenient to use (just add water or eat straight from the can).

Get Your Desserts from a Kit

What’s a meal without dessert? Augason Farms have made sure that customers get their just desserts alongside their Augason Farms 12-day emergency food pail and other emergency food choices with their Gluten-Free Dessert Kit. These desserts have that “fresh flavor from out of the oven” but without the gluten ingredients.

augason-farms-gluten-free-dessertWhether for present-day baking or long food storage consumption, the Gluten-Free Dessert Kit gives you that tasty freshly-baked texture and sweet-smelling aroma of mouthwatering mixes in angel food cake, chocolate chip cookies, French bread, yellow cake, pie crust, and chocolate chip brownies. Easily prepared from six institution sized number 10 cans, these desserts need no refrigeration if unopened.

Should You Invest in an Augason Farms Emergency Food Kit?

Emerging as one of the country’s leading manufacturers of emergency food rations that have become popular even with campers, backpackers and families going on long road trips, a one-time purchase of any Augason Farms emergency food supply products guarantees you and your family adequate nourishment from a reputable manufacturer. With varying shelf life of 25 years, the company’s products have arguably become one of the most popular brands for emergency food supplies with 50 food varieties, packed in 360 institutional size 10 cans, all capable of making a total of 4,380 different meals. It’s without doubt a wise investment, disaster or no disaster!

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