72 Hour Kit: 10 Reasons You Should Have One

24168524A 72 hour emergency kit should always be available as part of an emergency preparedness plan. Waiting for a natural disaster or crisis to strike before thinking about putting together an emergency kit is just plain foolish, and by that time, well....it's just too late! Practice smart preparation, and get peace of mind, by having a 3 day emergency kit on hand before calamity strikes. This kit will provide essentials such as water, personal hygiene basics, emergency lights, first aid, water, cooking items, tools, and food for two persons for the duration of a short-term emergency situation, like a power shortage, that could easily last three days.

When a Three-Day Emergency Kit Might be Crucial

You might not be thinking of natural calamities sweeping your neighborhood at this moment when the sun is shining and the breeze feels cool. But this is exactly the time you should be stockpiling your pantry and storage room with what we commonly refer to as “rainy day foods.”

Below are 10 reasons why you would definitely need to have a 72 hour kit with emergency supplies on hand:

1.  You are stranded miles away from home because of heavy winter snow/ice storm.

2.  The damage an earthquake inflicted on your office building prevents you from going home in the next couple of      days.

3.  A forest fire occurs without warning and you have to evacuate from your neighborhood.

4.  Your neighborhood is destroyed because of a tornado and your temporary residence is your car.

5.  A tsunami warning is issued near your residence.

6.  Your car breaks down and you happen to be in a location far from civilization.

7.  There’s a power shortage in your part of town.

8.  You are snowed in and can’t go out to buy some groceries.

9.  There is civil unrest in your area and you don’t want to expose yourself to the rioting and looting that are going on.

10. You are going camping, hunting or fishing and want additional supplies such as food and water.

Remember Your Purpose in Buying an Emergency Food Kit

There are 72 hour kits for every imaginable emergency situation as you have read above. There are also numerous disasters which affect thousands of individuals each year that you may not even be aware of even if their outcomes become more far-ranging than expected.

The rule of thumb is to stockpile emergency food rations with lengthier expiration dates since your circumstances are bound to change from time to time. Your purpose is to have sufficient food, water, first aid, personal hygiene supplies, and similar survival items that are immediately accessible for use.

What You Should Consider When Buying A 72-Hour Food Kit

You also have to know what kinds of foods you should stock your pantry with and how much of these you should have available. Typically, three days’ worth of food and around 3 gallons of drinking water will be sufficient for ONE person’s daily needs for three days.

Ensure that your supply has foods that are dense in calories, require little or no cooking, need no refrigeration, are non-perishable or have lengthier expiration dates, and will need only a small amount of water or none at all in order to be edible for you to consume.

How Many Food Kits Will Be Enough?

Stockpiling of emergency food supply will depend on the number of people in your household and factors such as allergies, special diets, medical conditions, and storage space, among other considerations. A typical 72 hour emergency food kit would normally be adequate for two persons; if there are more than that number in your household, just double, triple or quadruple the number of kits that you purchase.

Don’t be apprehensive about issues such as the price of a 72 hour food kit; consider each quantity an investment in your ultimate survival. Choose foods which you and your family consume regularly; this way, you can enjoy these foods even when there is no disaster or calamity and because you and your family are already familiar with their taste, you won’t have any qualms about eating them during emergency situations. Not all emergency food items are created equal, though.

What You Get from the Ultimate 72-Hour Emergency Kit

The Wise Company has created the Ultimate 72-Hour Emergency Kit to help you get started with your emergency preparedness needs. The kit contains the following items:

ultimate-72-hour-emergency-kit• A Seychelle Water Filtration premium bottle (which can hold     28 ounces of water),
• Wise Fire: three pouches of a cup each,
• Eight servings of Creamy Pasta and Vegetable Rotini,
• Eight servings of Savory Stroganoff,
• Eight servings of Tomato Basil Soup with Pasta,
• Four servings of Southwest Beans and Rice,
• Eight servings of Brown Sugar and Maple Multi-Grain,
• Eight servings of Apple Cinnamon Cereal,
• Sixteen servings of Orange Delight Drink Mix,
• Twelve servings of Whey Milk Alternative.



The Ultimate 72-Hour Emergency Kit contains 13,120 total calories to meet the nutritional and energy requirements of two persons for three days.




Why You Should Have a Three-Day Emergency Food Kit

There are several reasons why your choice of an emergency food kit should be the Ultimate 72-Hour Emergency Kit from the Wise Company:

1. Convenience of preparation: The Wise Company’s emergency foods are easy to prepare: just pour in some hot water and between 12 and 15 minutes a great tasting and nutritious meal is ready for your consumption. Their outdoor line of products is even easier to prepare: pour hot water into the Mylar pouch, stir, reseal its Ziploc strip found on the package top and in 12 minutes you have a hearty, tasty meal.

2. Nutrition: The food items in the Ultimate 72-Hour Emergency Kit have the right color, delicious flavor, right texture, and the much-needed nutrition lacking in dehydrated foods in other emergency food kits.

3. Freshness: The foods are packed in nitrogen-flushed, airtight Mylar pouches and sealed to retain the quality of their freshness. They are also easier to load, stack or carry than large number 10 cans; this same unique packaging enables you to save money by making fewer and new purchases.

4. Value for money: Based on official statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, a family comprised of two adults and an average of four children can be fed nutritionally at the cost of $14,995.60 yearly. Wise Company emergency food products cost only $1.60 per serving.

5. No food waste: Wise Company products have a lengthy duration period of shelf life, when unopened, for 25 years. This eliminates dispensing expired food in storage, only to buy the same item at inflated prices several years later.

6. Reduced sodium and no additional trans-fats: The new recipes for entrées and other food products have significant reduction of sodium content and have no additional trans-fats.

U.S. Army combat medic Jill Stevens and bestselling author/radio host Laura Ingraham are mothers who consider the line of gourmet foods in Wise Company’s emergency food kits such as Pasta Alfredo, Hearty Tortilla Soup, and Cheesy Lasagna as smart choices in their extremely busy schedules. Personal finance expert Dave Ramsey likes Wise Company’s gourmet entrées because he wants to eat “good food.”

Internationally-renowned singer, actress, dancer, philanthropist, and entrepreneur Marie Osmond would not have agreed to become the Wise Company’s national spokesperson if she didn’t believe in their products. According to her, she never thought food made of freeze dried and dehydrated ingredients would have much flavor. She was “sold” after her first taste.



Why Food Emergency Kits Are Investments

Just because it’s “survival food” doesn’t mean you can’t have the foods that are nutritious. A good emergency food supply provider should have a range of options like freeze-dried dairy, fruits, beans, meats, grains, and vegetables soups, snacks, drink mixes, and desserts for customers to choose from.

Sure, purchasing emergency food supply needs monetary investment, but if the provider you have chosen offers various choices that are not only healthy but delicious as well, it certainly makes a lot of difference. The Wise Company’s Ultimate 72 Hour Emergency Kit is a worthwhile investment whether it’s for a safe, secure emergency food supply, everyday meals or an outdoor adventure.

Have Peace of Mind Even if There’s No Emergency

minuteman-2-person-survival-kitAlthough Wise Company's 72 hour kit is an excellent choice for short-term emergency food preparedness, it's lacking in some very essential survival supplies. A great addition to Wise Company’s 3 day emergency food supply is the Minuteman II Person Emergency Kit from The Ready Store. This kit has everything you need in an easy-to-grip, well-organized backpack including shelter, warm blankets, and other critical survival supplies good to last for a week. Whether you need it at the moment or not, having adequate emergency supplies ready and accessible gives you peace of mind.

You may never have to use it in the best of life’s scenarios, but in times of chaos, confusion, depletion of resources, and panic, the Ultimate 72 Hour Emergency Kit and the Minuteman II Person Emergency Kit guarantees that you'll be well-prepared and taken care of should the need arise. Check out their websites to find out more about their other quality products for your convenience, peace of mind, and security - emergency or no emergency.


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