Wise Food Storage Review: Real Consumer Opinions

wise-food-storage-logoThese days when everyone’s so busy making a living, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to prepare food that’s both nutritious and convenient. This is one reason why Wise Foods appeals to so many people, whether you’re a working mom who needs to balance all your responsibilities; someone who wants to pack for a week-long outdoor adventure; or a parent who wants to make sure that your family has emergency food in case disaster strikes. Wise Company Food Storage gives you quality prepared meals that you can eat anytime, anywhere. This Wise Food Storage review will tell you why.

Wise Company’s Beginnings

Wise Company was founded back in 2008, following its split from Food For Health International. At the forefront of fresh ideas and innovative packaging, Wise Company veered away from the usual way of food storage packaging – which is through #10 cans. Cans are harder to store, and you need to be ready with a way to open them. Also, once you open a #10 can, you are under time pressure to consume the food right away since you can’t exactly re-seal it.

This gave birth to the idea of packaging emergency food in metalized or mylar pouches, then storing it in buckets. This makes it more convenient to store, open, and set aside. This innovation became very popular in food storage circles, so much so, that this brand’s innovative packaging is worth mentioning in this Wise Food Storage review.

Food Preservation Technology

Through their many years of experience, Wise Company has perfected the technology of food storage and preservation – coming up with ways to make food last without adding any unhealthy and undesirable preservatives. Preparing your food from Wise Company is just like preparing it fresh, because of the food storage technology used to prepare Wise Survival Foods.

Wise Company uses both dehydration and freeze drying processes to prepare the food, which are then stored in mylar pouches and buckets. The fact is that some types of food such as certain meats, fruits, and vegetables, actually taste better when they are freeze-dried, as compared to those that have been dehydrated.

There are, however, other types of food that taste better when dehydrated, and Wise Company knows exactly how to take advantage of this food storage and preservation technology to achieve the best results. Whether it’s Wise dehydrated food or Wise freeze dried food, you’ll know that you’re getting a quality product.

Quality and Availability

With Wise survival foods, you can be sure that you’re getting a quality product and that your needs are always put in the forefront. This is because a few years back, Wise Company invested in their own manufacturing facility, which means they fully control the manufacturing of their products.

When you’re hands on with manufacturing, you can control the quality of the raw ingredients as well as the actual process that transforms it into the finished product. This also means that you don’t have to worry about the availability of the products you order, because Wise Company has full control over its supply chain. Whatever the demand of the market is, they can ensure that there is enough supply on hand to deliver.

Because the welfare of their customers is highly valued by Wise Food, they have also recently come up with a new product line – the “black line”. This product line, which comes in black buckets, was developed especially for customers who are health conscious and very particular about sodium content. Black Line contains half the amount of sodium than regular buckets, so if you want healthier, lower sodium food then this is the line for you.

What You Can Expect From Wise Survival Foods

With Wise Company, you get to choose from a wide variety of products, including:

1. Freeze Dried Meats, Fish, and Vegetables

Wise Company offers a wide assortment of gourmet freeze-dried meat that comes with long-term emergency rice. The good thing about Wise freeze dried food is that you also get choices in terms of serving size. Meats for instance come in 60g, 120g, 240g, 360g, 480g, 600g, and 720g serving sizes.

When they say gourmet meats, they really mean gourmet. You get delectable options like Stroganoff Beef, Teriyaki Style Chicken, and Savory Roasted Ground Beef as if it came straight from a restaurant. So you can satisfy your cravings for delicious food while maintaining the convenience and accessibility that you need.

Their vegetables on the other hand are served in packets and designed to mix and match with a variety of available sauces. These sauces include their long-term gourmet butter, cheese, cream, and even mushroom sauces. So when you order your freeze-dried corn, peas, broccoli, and green peas, you also get servings of the sauces and it’s up to you to use them as you please. This flexibility is something that’s very important and is one of Wise Company’s strengths.

Even fruits are freeze-dried to perfection, from bananas and peaches to strawberries and apples. These fruit packets also come with packets of creamy yogurt, vanilla pudding, and caramel sauce. The best part is the shelf life, because Wise freeze dried food can actually last up to 20 years. Also, just because they’re freeze-dried doesn’t mean they’re not packed with the nutrition you would get from fresh ones, as this NBC News article highlights.

2. Grab and Go Food Packs

Complete meals that are packed either for every day use or unplanned emergencies, the Grab and Go Food Packs are specially formulated for long-term use. For instance, you have the 56-serving entrée and breakfast package, which for one person can easily be a 4-week supply (based on 2 servings per day). For a family of 4, this grab and go food pack can last a week.

What you’ll find inside the food packs will vary, but in the case of the 56-serving entrée, dishes include the hearty tortilla soup, creamy pasta and vegetable rotini, apple cinnamon cereal, chicken flavored noodle soup, and even pasta alfredo. Another comment you would notice in any Wise Food Storage review is that with the quality of meals you get, you wouldn’t think you’re getting it from packets and just adding water.

3. Outdoor Food Kits

Those who are fond of outdoor adventures can bring these food kits to their next backpacking, fishing, hiking, camping, boating, or hunting trip. Nothing compares to the convenience of being able to prepare your food in minutes, simply by adding water. You don’t have to worry about storing the food so that it won’t spoil either, and that’s something that makes Wise foods really popular among the adventure-seekers.

Outdoor kits include Wise dehydrated food prepared as entrees, such as cheesy lasagna with meat, noodles and beef in savory mushroom sauce, and creamy chicken with vegetables and pasta. With Wise dehydrated food, who says you can’t have the best kind of food when you’re in the outdoors?

4. Emergency Supplies

Wise Company also has long lasting emergency supplies that can give you peace of mind in case any disaster comes along. You can never be too prepared, especially now that nature is getting more unpredictable. In fact, this article from CNN actually suggests you keep a hurricane preparation checklist, which you can add to the emergency supplies that you will get from Wise Company.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also mention in this list some tips on preparing and storing an emergency food supply. A key item in that list is that the food should require little or no cooking, water, or refrigeration. This is precisely why Wise Foods is perfect for emergency situations.

A normal survival kit includes the food packets – but also water, a portable stove with fuel tablets, a whistle, a flashlight, waterproof matches, a mylar blanket, an emergency first aid kit and hygiene kit, among others. This is basically everything you’ll ever need in case of an emergency, in addition to the food, of course.

5. Long Term Food Supply

If you want to take food storage to the next level, this is also possible. Wise Company has a range of products that cater to individuals and families for the long-term – as long as one full year. This means that you’ll have enough food to eliminate the worry about what to prepare or cook for one full year. Their high-quality ready made meals boast a shelf life of up to 25 years and are easy to use when a disaster happens!

Endorsed by Experts

ruth-england-survival-specialistIf you’re still not convinced that Wise Food Storage is the best option for you, you only have to take a look at the people endorsing the brand. With names like Marie Osmond and Dave Ramsey vouching for Wise Food Storage, you can’t go wrong. You even have the experts really swearing by it, such as Jill Stevens, who was an army combat medic and mother. Ruth England, who is a survival specialist, also supports the brand.

In addition to all these names endorsing the brand, it’s also a National Geographic Doomsday Highlighted Product. Clearly, these food packets are the best option you have in case anything happens, and it’s better to be prepared than to go hungry if ever survival for the fittest does happen.


The Wise Food Storage Experience

Wise Company has come up with great products, supplemented by quality processes and delivery. But more importantly, Wise Company knows that at the end of the day, it’s the customer experience that matters. This is why they really give a lot of attention to ensuring that they can provide the best customer service possible. All their efforts have been rewarded, as proven by the high customer ratings for quality and convenience, coupled with the positive testimonials of those who have actually tried the product:

Anthony | 2-14-2014
“I maintain a small supply of food and emergency supplies. Last time I bought we had a problem with mice invading the storage locker and getting to some of our supplies.This container is a thick, tight sealed plastic tub with long life expectancy.Very satisfied! Cant address taste as I haven’t opened.”

Jim | 5-stars11-14-2012
“For being emergency food with a 25 year shelf life, its pretty darn good. I personally enjoy the food. Its no texas roadhouse, its a survival food. For what it is, its the best I’ve tried out there. I’ve have lots of Wise food now and have have no complaints. Wise Food Storage is a great product, great packaging, good value. I also liked all their commercials on National Geographic’s Doomsday Preppers show last night. great show. this is a good product for prepping. I’d recommend having about a years supply of food for you and your family. It doesn’t all need to be a freeze dried food, (cans, wheat, rice, etc) but the freeze dried food like Wise is the easiest to prepare in an emergency and lasts a really long time. 25 + years. And specifically, I like this 120 Entree bucket because its all entrees, stuff you’d eat for lunch and dinner. I like Wise’s breakfasts too, but the core lunch and dinner entrees are what i will want most in an emergency.”

Pat | 5-stars5-28-2013
“This wise company 60 serving entrée grab and go food kit is worth every penny that they’re charging for it. Watch for sales and if you get the chance by one. The food is very tasty as compared to some other brands which are too salty or still too crunchy even after being heated for 15 min.”


Lastly, the price is another bonus, even when you compare it to other options in the market today. This is very important because if you want to save on time, chances are you’d also want to save on money. Because the proportions are well-measured, there’s practically no waste with these food packets and you just get what your body actually needs. This makes it very easy on the budget.

To be perfectly candid and honest, this Wise Food Storage review wouldn’t be complete if it wasn’t mentioned that there are also other alternatives in the market today. Wise Company has an extensive marketing campaign, but it certainly doesn’t hold a monopoly in the emergency food storage arena. It’s important to practice due diligence when doing your research.

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